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Hi! I'm Susannah, a writer, photographer, music enthusiast, and part-time graphic designer at my home church, The Mission. While not working, I'm either hanging with my family, playing beach volleyball, discussing the Bible with friends, country dancing, or watching a new Netflix psychological thriller.

My goal with Vision Thesis is to combine my BA in Graphic Design with my passion for stories to create content that clearly and concisely communicates vision--a clear idea or concept that gets the message, or thesis, across with one visual. My goal with writing is to communicate a vision through words, mainly through blogging and storytelling. My current writing project is a dark fantasy novella with the overarching theme of seeking and standing up for the Truth in a world that has since redefined it.

And above all, my main goal is to follow in the vision for my life clearly instructed to us through God's word: to follow Christ and point others to Him in all that I think, do, and say.


I hope you enjoy your look around, and I look forward to connecting with you!

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